Update from The Tangled SkeinCA

Hello everyone,

Life has been all over the place since last fall with many things happening both happy and sad.

I have been present on IG mostly and still knitting away, slow but knitting none the less.

My father passed away on Oct 31st and life has just not been the same all while still dealing with my father in laws estate who passed in March 2018.

We bought a house and moved in March and this was unplanned.

We went on a Knitting cruise for my 50th birthday celebration (June 5th) It was a Mediterranean cruise that hubby organized for me with Craft Cruises. It was an amazing time, bitter sweet since my father was so excited for me to go and hear all about it. It was the perfect temperature, we left for Rome end of April and spent 3 days in the city exploring. We embarked on the boat on April 29th and had an amazing time with an amazing group of knitters.

-We visited Rome, Katakolon visit Olympia where the Olympic Games began
-Watch the sunset overlooking the Acropolis and the Parthenon.
-Shop for gorgeous luxury yarn in Athens, the oldest family run yarn shop in the Mediterranean operating since 1935, as well as a few other stores.
-Mykonos, which was stunning, and walked the medieval Street of the Knights in Rhodes and toured the castle-like Palace of the Grand Masters
-We were supposed to stop in Santorini but due to bad weather and winds we could not and the captain brought us the Crete.
-Then the last stop Naples, tour the ancient city of Pompeii. And the last thing we did was eat pizza in an amazing little place in the town before heading home.

And the fun did not stop there, we still had our old house to finish renovations and get ready for sale which we put on the market on July 19th and it sold in 48 hrs (we sign the final paperwork tomorrow).

And the final piece is my father in laws house has been on the market in BC since March 2018 and finally has had an offer and we are waiting on news for next steps on that. If all goes well my brother in law will sign those papers next week.

So as you can see, it has been busy trying to juggle everything but it is finally coming to an end.

I hope to see you all soon and look forward to catching up!!

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